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Creating Safe Operations.


Getting the Most from your People, Equipment, and Operations.


Generating Productivity and Efficiency.


Tailoring Training to your Business Needs.

Centered on Safety. People. Equipment. Operations.

Welcome to the Centered on SafetyTM portal for first-class employee skills development and employer compliance and operations support. No matter your industry, training and assessment experts from Crane Industry Services, LLC and Instructional Dimensions, LLC help you raise the safety and productivity of your People, Equipment, and Operations.

Crane Industry Services (CIS) is a WGTC corporate partner that trains people for great careers in all types of crane operation, material handling, lifting operations, rigging and job site supervision. Programs are NCCER accredited and lead by NCCER certified instructors with vast on the job experience. Programs include training and certification for:

  • Mobile Crane Operators
  • Tower Crane Operators
  • Overhead Crane Operators
  • All types of lift equipment
  • Basic and Advanced Riggers
  • Signalpersons

Instructional Dimensions (ID) conducts personnel qualification audits to identify gaps in skills and safety and helps employers build training that is relevant to work performed. Experts develop training and assessments and provide professional development for quality control, safety, and operations management. With the right protocols in place companies successfully improve safety, service, sales and profits. Learn more>

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