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Crane Industry Services Announces Simple Crane Operator Documentation Process for Employers

While employers have until November 2018 to make sure crane operators are certified, they currently have a duty to ensure crane operators are competent. (See current language presented in the OSHA Regulation update.) To assist employers in evaluating and documenting crane operator competency, Crane Industry Services, LLC introduces a new and efficient process called Qualified […]

Overcoming Barriers to Strategic Skills Development

Debbie Dickinson, CEO of CIS, addresses the importance for employers to continually develop people with the right skills for the job in an article for the October 2017 issue of Incident Prevention magazine. “Crane operation and rigging skills development presents greater challenges than some other areas,” she says. Fostering crane and rigging skills across all departments The utility industry […]

Many Paths to Training

By Debbie Dickinson Few people are as articulate, funny, and seemingly everywhere at once on the subject of promoting professional craft skills as Mike Rowe. Hardly a week goes by that he isn’t being interviewed on a major news network, firing up Facebook, hosting a new television series, launching a foundations, or delivering scholarships. To […]

Crane Training, Inspections Take Advantage of Latest Tech Tools

Crane operation relies on constants—principles of gravity, force, and leverage have been the same since the beginning of time. But technology is reshaping crane training and offering new tools for crane operations. Drones, simulators and other tools are rapidly moving from military exercises to commercial construction applications. If you doubt how quickly the landscape is […]