CEO of Crane Industry Services and co-founder of Instructional Dimensions, Debbie Dickinson works with corporations and government entities to:

  • Create plans for training, qualification, certification and documentation of skilled labor and craft professionals
  • Audit training and assessment plans or methods
  • Obtain accreditations through ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and NCCA (National Certification for Certifying Agencies)
  • Evaluate personnel qualifications, training, safety policies, communication and supervision in the context of work performed
  • Develop strategies and corporate standards for personnel development, hiring, promotion or recognition
  • Has the knowledge and expertise to form and provide opinions in legal cases related to the qualifications of the personnel involved in work related accidents and to assist organizations in accident prevention by assessing and auditing employee qualifications
  • Works from a basis of over 20 years’ experience in personnel assessments, training, job site safety, employment criteria, OSHA regulations and ANSI and NCCA standards for accreditation.


Summary of Qualifications

CEO Crane Industry Services, LLC & Instructional Dimensions, LLC, Deborah L. Dickinson is a personnel, training, diversity and assessment expert with unique experience in cranes, rigging, and craft professionals. Debbie held leadership roles on the Ford Motor XL 2000 global initiative, Walt Disney World Creative Development and with Wilson Learning as a National Account Manager. She:

  • Evaluates, or audits, training, supervision, communication, policies and operational goals in the context of work performed
  • Draws from over 20 years’ experience in personnel assessments, training design, job site safety, employment criteria, OSHA regulations and ANSI and NCCA standards for accreditation.
  • Served as a leader on the development of legally defensible selection systems
  • Has the knowledge and expertise to form and provide opinions related to the qualifications of the personnel involved in work related accidents and to assist organizations in accident prevention
  • Was recognized in 2015 as “Best Boss” by the American Business Women’s Association
  • Achieved Certified Women Business Owners (WBE) status National Women Business Owner Corporation
  • Is certified by NCCER Master Trainer, Secondary Administrator for Training and Assessments and as a Qualified, Basic Rigger
  • Communicates as a keynote speaker and regularly contributes published articles
  • Has work experience with:
    • Crane operators, riggers and signalpersons in construction, utilities, manufacturing, refining operations, Department of Transportation, ACOE
    • Customer service providers
    • Automotive industry
    • Departments of Labor, state and federal levels
    • Health care and hospital managers
    • Airline industry managers and supervisors
    • Financial services providers
    • Sales managers and teams
    • Staffing providers
    • Public educational institutions and private, global training organizations

Work History Summary

Crane Industry Services, (CIS) LLC, CEO, 2008 – present
Co-founded to contribute to the safety and productivity of the industry and:

  • Conduct third party, annual and post assembly, crane inspections
  • Train, qualify and certify crane operators riggers, signalpersons, and supervisors Provide expert witness, accident investigation and reconstruction
  • Plan strategy for operations, mission, vision, service and business development
  • Represents company and serves industry as:
  • Associated Builders & Contractors member
  • Associated General Contractors Safety Roundtable
  • Southern Construction Owners Association & Roundtable
  • NCCER Primary and Secondary Administrator

Instructional Dimensions, (ID) LLC, 1998 – present

  • Provided leadership, 2007 – 2014, for the Governing Committee, Advisory Board, and Board of Directors on the objectives and standards of a nationally recognized, accredited certification organization; Developed and lead the business structure, qualifications of personnel for the criteria required for accredited entities, test designs, processes, delivery methodology, scoring and ongoing personnel qualifications
  • Led the development of and maintained six nationally accredited and OSHA recognized programs to evaluate the knowledge, skill and abilities of crane operators and riggers; Met the standards for accreditation set forth by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies; parent organization is Institute of Credentialing Excellence, ICE) and testing based on ASME B30.5 Standards
  • Assisted large and small businesses nationwide in planning training and testing of personnel for the purposes of federal, state or municipal regulatory compliance and to increase safety
  • Served as primary point of contact with OSHA Directorate & other OSHA officials, Senate & Members of Congress and Department of Labor; Worked with state councils and licensing boards
  • Was the media spokesperson in national publications and at industry events
  • Motivated, aligned and managed diverse groups to focus on safety, diversity, non-discrimination, fairness in hiring and career advancement
  • Budgeted human and financial resources
  • Oversaw translations and cultural adaptations into Spanish
  • Worked with testing partners to maintain security and integrity of the examinations and processes
  • Designed, trained and implemented projects in the staffing, entertainment, hospitality, cranes and rigging, healthcare, pharmaceutical and transportation industries
  • Collaborated on projects with Walt Disney World, ELA Consulting Group, Wilson Learning, Florida Hospital, Pope & Associates, Lifting Technologies, Disney Cruise Lines and more

Walt Disney World, Manager of Creative Development, 1995 – 1999

  • Held leadership roles within Disney Institute & Seminars
  • Was key contact for dozens of business relationships with corporate institutions benchmarking best practices at WDW
  • Managed a brilliant, creative team of professionals training managers, designers and researchers

Lead the development and facilitation of the programs: The Disney Approach Series on Quality Service, People Management, Creativity, Leadership and custom programs for healthcare, banking, restaurant associations and the automotive industry.

Ford Motor Company’s, Assessment Director, XL 2000 program, managed by Visual Services, Inc. (VSI), 1992 – 1995

  • Led the assessment and organizational development portion of the matrix management enterprise that included training and assessment programs for Ford dealerships nationwide and confidential assessments for thousands of individuals working in dealerships.
  • Advisor to the Dealership Council
  • Facilitated improvements in working relationships between “factory” and “dealers”
  • Worked with XL 2000 operations and program counselors

Wilson Learning Corporation, 1991-1995; National Account Manager

  • Managed national training and assessment programs for numerous government, utilities and pharmaceutical companies
  • Contributed to the development and implementation of legally defensible selection systems
  • Qualified as Instructional Designer
  • Trained in Counselor Salesperson, Building Versatile Relationships, Social Styles and Service programs
  • Developed custom training and assessment programs

Ms. Dickinson earned a B.A. in English from Valdosta State University where she held membership in various Honor Societies including Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Chi, Pi Gamma Mu and President’s and Dean’s Lists. She completed course work at other colleges and universities and is trained in a variety of professional programs including The Leader Manager, One Page Business Planning, Managers as Mentors, Service Leadership, Leading Entrepreneurs, Encouraging Leadership, Managing Diversity, Counselor Salesperson, DiSC, and Building Versatile Relationships and the Disney Approach Series that includes Quality, and People Management, Creativity and Leadership.

Ms. Dickinson is the author of Next Steps: Changing the Way We Do Business and two children’s books, When You Are Here and When I Was New. She wrote scripts and conducted interviews for the Women’s Millennium that was sponsored by General Motors and Disney. She conducted and wrote case studies on IBM, US Postal Services and Nike. Women’s Millennium was a Direct TV broadcast from the Disney Institute Performing Arts Theater.

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